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Heart Walls and The Emotion Code

Do you or your children suffer from chronic aches and pain and you have tried everything from pills to lotions, potions, to numerous types of therapies and you only experience temporary relief or no relief at all?

Do you feel that negative events or experiences from the past are still shaping your life today?

About Heart Walls and
The Emotion Code

Heart Walls are a major part of The Emotion Code Program. Perhaps in your life you may have felt that physical sensation of “Heartache or Heartbreak”?

If you experience this a number of times the heart may form an “energy wall” to protect you from further heartache or pain. We refer to this as the “Heart Wall”. Heart Walls may hamper your ability to fully give or receive love, to feel isolated, numbed emotions, depression, chronic neck, upper back and shoulder pain. It may lesson your ability to be healthy, happy and successful in life whether personal or business related. It especially can affect our relationships with family, spouses, friends and business partners. Approximately 93% of people have the Heart Walls.They are even common in animals or pets, cats, dogs, horses, etc. that are especially in contact with humans.

The heart is the most powerful organ in the body. It generates 60 to 1000x more power and electromagnetic energy than the brain. Scientists found that the Hearts magnetic field extends up to 12 feet in diameter around the body. Every beat of the Heart sends messages to all cells of the body. The brain in the head obeys messages sent by the Heart. Scientists state that if you send Love to someone no matter if they are close by or thousands of miles away it registers in their brain. The Heart can “think for itself”. The heart has the ability to remember things. In most ancient cultures for example the heart was considered to be the “seat of the soul”. The “core of our beings”. The “source of Love and our Creativity”. 

“Releasing my Heart wall allowed me to find my perfect soul-mate.” – GD

“When my Heart wall was gone I felt a greater sense of inner peace.” – CT

“A lot of pain I felt in my neck for years was gone after 1 session with John.” – SV

“Having a Heart Wall prevented me from having more success in my business including blocking me from financial abundance.”  – JW