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“Is emotional or physical pain taking over your life because you’ve tried all the so called “fixes” out there? Try this natural healing method. It’s helped thousands of people.”

About John Schlapbach

My name is John Schlapbach, and I am interested in your health and prosperity.

The Emotion Code/Body Code is designed to help you live a life where you can safely manage stress and minimize your pain, both physically and mentally. You will see changes in your life, like improved relationships and better productivity.

It’s easy to use. I am a Certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner, Heart Wall Specialist, Speaker and Teacher. My background also includes 30 years as an RMT practitioner and over 40 years in Holistic Health in Nutrition, Herbology, reflexology, medical intuitive and energy medicine specialist. I have a life time of professional experience and resources to help you manage chronic pain and help you establish healthier thought patterns.

Book a Sessions/Packages

2 – 30 Minutes Emotion Code and Body Code Sessions with John for $210.00 CADIncludes identifying and releasing as many imbalances as your subconscious mind will allow in each 30-minute session.

Sessions & Packages

1-30 Minute Emotion Code and Body Code Session with John for $120.00 CAD. Includes identifying and releasing as many imbalances as we can in 30-minutes.

Bonus: Offer release 1-2 food/drink addictions in session.

1-Body Code Wellness Evaluation with John for $130.00 CAD. In this session we check for imbalances in all 6 categories of the Body Code. Energy-Toxins-Circuits and Systems-Pathogens Misalignments-Nutrition and Lifestyle.

*Bonus offer test for your Biological Age. How old are you really? Releasing imbalances can often lower your biological age helping you feel younger and more energetic! This session is done by proxy (remotely) and you will receive an email with all the results.*

4-30 Minutes Emotion Code and Body Code Sessions with John for $400 CAD ($80.00 Savings). 4- 30minute sessions where we can work on a multitude of issues or Deep Dive into a major issue in your life (*sometimes these may require more than 1 session*).

Bonus: This package can be shared with family, friends or loved ones and are good for 1 year! After your first meeting with John we can book future sessions.

 1-30 Minutes Heart Wall with John for $120.00 CAD. 1-30 Minutes Heart Wall Sessions is a must for anyone who has ever experienced heartache or heartbreak in their lives from past negative experiences or traumas, relationships, divorces, loss of spouses or family members even pets, etc. It can affect you Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. It can have a huge impact on how you live your life overall both personally and professionally. Most people will benefit from feeling lighter, happier and healthier after session.

 Bonus: If not all released in 1 session next session will be free.

2-30 Minutes Family and Business Heart Wall Sessions with John for $210.00 CAD. Follow-up with John by e-mail 2 days after your session, updating him on all the relationship improvements you have been noticing. You can also request any Emotion Code Heart Wall Session you feel needs further improvement.

**Available Upon Request**

**Available Upon Request**

**Available Upon Request**

Download Your Emotion Code Sessions Prep List

Use this “menu” of challenges/problems to help build your own list of what you want to bring to your Emotion Code session with John. In many cases, he can cover 5 or more items in a 25-minute session.

Are you dealing with procrastination or blocks to creativity or success either in your personal or business life?

You could go through years of expensive therapy to achieve the results you could get in just 60-minutes with an Emotion Code/Body Code session with John.
Get this special offer of Buy 2 Session Package $210 and receive 1 FREE ($120 value). For new clients only!

What My Clients Are Saying...

"I am writing to let you know I am feeling great after 6 years, very dark years where I suffered with continuous dizziness, anxiety, depression and various types of heart pains. Now I have more energy to do things and feeling lighter than before. I think being able to work on the Heart Wall and getting rid of so much emotional baggage helped me to look at life in a new way. I could not thank you enough for the work on this."
"I have a number of sessions with John, which I have found to be of great value. I found it fascinating, how in doing heart wall of work, he was able to link trapped emotions to a certain age, that in tied in the major events in my life that corresponded to those emotions. I feel that the release of those emotions was of great benefit to my general well-being. Thank you John for your work in this field."