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6 Things You Should Know About Obesity

Obesity is a public health crisis. Here are some of the contributors:

Why are so many people obese? You have been told many things contribute to obesity. Here are a few thoughts about recent research:

1) Recent science thinks that only some people benefit from dieting.
2) Diet alone is only helpful in the short term, and is usually not sustainable for long term.
3) Not enough activity on a daily basis, at least not the right kind of activity.
4) Endless cycles of dieting can lead to more weight gain over time.
5) Eating is a behavior, and over eating may be linked to control issues.
6) Weight problems may be linked to a hormone called Leptin.

What do the experts suggest?

It’s not all about will power. Some people’s bodies don’t respond to the hormone called Leptin.

Leptin is a hormone produced by your fat cells. It helps your body balance your energy. Basically, it inhibits hunger. Leptin signals to the brain when the body needs food. People with normal eating habits have physiological cues to stop eating and they are less likely to over- eat and store less fat. In short, this means that some people that are obese may have a malfunction in the part of the brain that is responsible for normal eating habits says, Shelly E Taylor, Health Psychologist.

The malfunction in the brain doesn’t receive the right signals. This is a complex issue, and more studies are needed to come up with a treatment plan for obese people. this may be the future treatment for some. Remember though…the research is still young. Having said that, it appears that most of us will simply benefit from a change in lifestyle patterns.

Other factors include:

Not enough sleep believe it or not? If you are tired you are less likely to exercise. The stress hormone cortisol is higher and your clarity and judgement become impaired making you less likely to stick to a healthy eating style. Check out www.webmd.com

Speaking of exercise, its best to have higher intensity exercise to burn maximum calories. This is one reason Cross-fit is so popular. Some science suggests that if we burn more calories than we take in, then the body will burn more fat. This is an older theory, but it makes sense. Some nutrition experts I have heard speak have emphasized this concept.

What you can do?

Set goals to change your habits, and be gentle with yourself if you fail. It takes time to develop new eating and exercise habits: It’s a life style.Try finding an activity you like instead of forcing yourself through reps at the gym. Of course, new science is pointing the way to eating higher protein and less carbohydrates. Muscles need protein. Will power isn’t enough to sustain long-term changes in lifestyle.

Quit dieting!

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Set goals to change habits, it’s not easy to change life-long bad habits. You may need to enlist some help.


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