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I can help!

Is emotional or physical pain taking over your life because you’ve tried all the so called “fixes” out there?

Try this natural healing method.

John Schlapbach

My name is John Schlapbach, and I am interested in your health and prosperity.

The Emotion Code/Body Code is designed to help you live a life where you can safely manage stress and minimize your pain, both physically and mentally. You will see changes in your life, like improved relationships and better productivity.

It’s easy to use. I am a Certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner, Heart Wall Specialist, Speaker and Teacher. My background also includes 30 years as an RMT practitioner and over 40 years in Holistic Health in Nutrition, Herbology, reflexology, medical intuitive and energy medicine specialist. I have a life time of professional experience and resources to help you manage chronic pain and help you establish healthier thought patterns.

Belief is essential to all we do and is always the first step.

My Story

My #1 passion is helping people improve their quality of lives whether, physical, mental, emotional, personal or business related.

After searching to find new and improved ways to help my clients discover and attain better health, I came across the Emotion Code Program developed by Dr Bradley Nelson. www.discoverhealing.com which has helped thousands of people all over the world. I bought The Emotion Code book in 2007 and started working on myself and my clients with great results!

I had suffered in the past from 3 sports related concussions where the Dr’s told me I may never fully recover and I was going through a divorce so it was perfect timing to find this amazing modality.

By using a combination of Emotion Code/ Body Code and Physical Therapy I was able to identify and correct the emotional and physical imbalances that were the result of these past traumatic events. I fully recovered from my sports injuries and was even able to let go of the emotional baggage I was carrying from my divorce. I felt great for the first time in many years. I am eternally grateful to Dr Nelson for giving me the tools I needed to let go of the past and move forward in my life. Like many I turned these past negative experiences into positive ones.

See how the Emotion Code/Body Code can help YOU do the same.

It’s a mind-body integration using magnetic energy and intuition. This is a growing field of bio-energetic Medicine and Energy Psychology, and has helped thousands of people all over the world. This works by simply releasing trapped emotions in the body. 

If you are familiar with Chakras (the various energy systems in the body), this is similar but has some added value by utilizing magnetic field energy. Again…this is not an entirely new concept. New studies are bringing this to light.


"Now I can use the same tools to help you!"

Time doesn’t heal all emotional wounds.

We have all incorporated a lifetime of expectations imposed on us by society. Plus the mind and body are intricately connected. Often the damage comes from living a lifetime with the same old emotional habits, and destructive thought patterns.

Need help? I can release Your Heart Walls and show you how to nourish your mind and stay healthy.