Visions Healing | John Schlapbach


Most Frequently Ask Questions

Your subconscious mind is the ultra-intelligent computer system of the body. It knows what you need to be happy and healthy.

​The Emotion Code/Body Code is a combination of the following three elements:

1. Asking specific questions and using applied Kinesiology (muscle response testing) to find information about emotional or physical imbalances from the subconscious.
2. Using the application of therapeutic magnets.
3. The ancient principles of energy meridians (Chinese Medicine).
eg. Identify a trapped emotion. When the magnetically charged intention energy enters the body via the Governing meridian (major energy channel), the trapped emotion is released instantly, never to return. The process is fast, powerful and the affects are long lasting.

We start by identifying a health, life or success issue that you wish to address. Emotional or physical issue, or perhaps both?
The focus of each session is aimed at helping you with a life or health problem and moving forward to reach your goals.

Someone who is looking for change. This includes better health, relationships, and more success and abundance in their life. I work with adults, children and sometimes pets. 

* If it is a child(under 18) or a pet, we require permission from a parent or owner.



Personal issues – depression, anxiety, chronic pain, emotional imbalances, illness, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, etc.

Business issues – such as blocks to success, lack of abundance, lack of clear goals, increasing profits, etc.


Each session and each person is different depending on the circumstances. Sometimes only one session can clear a minor issue.  Sometimes it’s a process that may require a series of sessions. Most often, people will start with a 4 session package which allows us to really dig deeper, especially if it’s a number of issues we are dealing with or it’s a long-term problem.

It’s usually 1-2 days to process and integrate a session. We test for you to see when the ideal time frame for your next session is going to be.

Yes, we work as an adjunct to your medical care to get to the underlying causes of your imbalances. We help you remove blocks to your body’s ability for self healing.

Some people notice changes immediately after, or during a session. For others, it may take a few days to process and integrate.

I guarantee that there will be some changes for you.  It’s hard to know if they will occur immediately, or after a series of sessions.  Everyone can have a different experience, and that’s why we monitor changes along the way.

Yes, when you purchase a package or series of sessions you can use them all for yourself. You may also share them with a family or friend.

​Some people may even use them to work on a pet. It’s not unusual to start working on an individual, who then refers to a friend, child or other family member. They will all benefit from feeling happier and healthier.