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Sessions & Packages

4- 30minute Emotion Code and Body Code sessions with John $300 CAD ($88.00 savings) 4- 30minute sessions where we can work on a multitude of issues or Deep Dive into a major issue in your life* (sometimes these may require more than 1 session*).
*Bonus this package can be shared with family, friends or loved ones and are good for 1 year! After your first meeting with John we can book future sessions.

 1-30minute Heart Wall sessions with John is a must for anyone who has ever experienced heartache or heartbreak in their lives from past negative experiences or traumas, relationships, divorces, loss of spouses or family members even pets, etc. It can affect you Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. It can have a huge impact on how you live your life overall both personally and professionally. Most people will benefit from feeling lighter, happier and healthier after session.
1-30minute session with John $97.00 CAD *Bonus if not all released in 1 session next session free!

1- 30minute Family and Business Heart Wall Package (Great Value) sessions with John $170.00 CAD Follow-up with John by e-mail 2 days after your session, updating him on all the relationship improvements you have been noticing. You can also request any Emotion Code Heart Wall Session you feel needs further improvement.