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The Body Code

Do you or your children suffer from chronic aches and pain and you have tried everything from pills to lotions, potions, to numerous types of therapies and you only experience temporary relief or no relief at all?

How about unexplained neck, back, shoulder hip pain?

How about food addictions, bad habits, negative beliefs, self-sabotage, money blocks,
relationship blocks, weight challenges?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Emotion Code/Body Code is right for you. You could go through years of expensive therapy to achieve the results you could get in just 30- minutes with an Emotion Code/Body Code session with John.

The Body Code

The Body Code is one of the most advanced and complete methods in the world today of identifying and balancing the body so it can regain it’s natural state of health and well-being. 
It was developed over many years of research and practical applications by Dr. Bradley Nelson a holistic chiropractor and natural energy practitioner from the USA. (This technique is not meant to replace any medical treatment or diagnostic procedure). The body was designed for self-healing and by removing blocks and correcting underlying imbalances the body’s innate self-healing ability can take over. As a result, pain and poor functioning in the body can often be lessened, diminished or eliminated.

I use the Body Code Advanced Program to target these imbalances and get to the source of most ailments, including back, hip or neck pain, headaches, digestive problems, nutritional deficiencies, food addictions, etc.

Why you have Emotions?

Your brain is equipped with something called the “fight or flight” response. This is a primitive instinct that allows you to react to stress in your environment. Emotions protect you and contribute to your well-being and survival.

In her book, Emotional Confidence, Gail Lindenberg your brain stores past memories of emotional experiences and its patterns of previous reactions.This means the brain stores blue prints of your most powerful and repeated experiences.

Long term stress weakens the immune system because the adrenal glands become exhausted. Problematic emotions have come from your past, or present unresolved issues.

There is lots of ongoing research that suggests we can re program the brain.The Emotion/Body Code is one way.

6 Categories of Imbalances

1. Energies

Such as trapped emotions, mental and thought imbalances, beliefs, etc.

2. Circuits and Systems

Such as organ and gland imbalances, etc.


Microbial, chemicals, medications, heavy metals, etc.

4. Pathogens

 Such as bacterial, viral, molds, parasites, etc.

5. Misalignments

Bones, nerves, muscle, organs, glands, etc.

6. Nutrition and Lifestyle

 Dehydration, acid imbalances, vitamin/mineral/food imbalances or deficiencies, sleep imbalances, etc.

In energy healing there is an expression that is used often “anything can cause anything”.

The challenges you or your children may be dealing with can be caused by any one or combination of these 6 imbalances. Most seem to be due to unprocessed negative emotions and beliefs and/or environmental imbalances.

The Body Code is at the forefront of energy healing and energy medicine is the future of medicine. It’s fast, efficient and non-invasive and can be done from any distance. I can help you while you are in the comfort of your home or office.

How does The Emotion Code Work?

This method is completely natural and non-invasive. The Emotion Code/Body Code contains 3 main elements.

1.Specific questioning and muscle testing (kinesiology) to find information about trapped emotions from the subconscious mind.
2.The modern technology of therapeutic magnets.
3.The ancient principles of energy meridians in Chinese Medicine.

First, a trapped emotion is identified. A trapped emotion can affect an organ causing physical symptoms.
Often there is more than one trapped emotion.

Next a magnet is used as a carrier for the practitioners intention to release the emotions.  When that magnetically charged intention energy enters the body via the Governing Meridian (a major energy channel), the trapped emotion is released instantly, usually never to return.

Trapped emotions occur when an emotion is caught in a place in the body usually an organ. Often, there are physical symptoms with no obvious pathology.

This is where the Emotion Code/Body Code can help!

The Emotion Code removes these trapped emotions.

Science Behind
The Body Code

* RECOMMENDED: 2 – 30minute Emotion Code and Body Code Sessions with John. Includes identifying and releasing as many imbalances as your subconscious mind will allow in each 30minute session.

2-30minute sessions at $210.00 CAD

In this session we check for imbalances in all 6 categories of the Body Code.
Energy-Toxins-Circuits and Systems-Pathogens-Misalignments-Nutrition and Lifestyle
*Bonus offer test for your Biological Age. How old are you really? Releasing imbalances can
often lower your biological age helping you feel younger and more energetic!
This session is done by proxy (remotely) and you will receive an email with all the results.
1-Body Code Wellness Evaluation $130.00 CAD