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The Emotion Code

Do you or your children suffer from chronic aches and pain and you have tried everything from pills to lotions, potions, to numerous types of therapies and you only experience temporary relief or no relief at all?

Are you dealing with procrastination or blocks  to creativity or success either in your personal or business life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Emotion Code/Body Code is right for you. You could go through years of expensive therapy to achieve the results you could get in just 30- minutes with an Emotion Code/Body Code session with John.

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a form of energy healing that is designed to identify and release negative trapped or unprocessed emotions that may be from past events or experiences in your life that are still shaping or affecting your life today! 

These trapped emotions can be the root cause of chronic pain, feelings of anxiousness, fear, anger, sadness, depression and numerous imbalances including relationship blocks, love blocks, health blocks, money blocks, creative insecurity and many more. Because these are forms of energy or vibes (and everything is a form of energy) they can exert their influence on our Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual well-being. 

Once identified and released or deleted (within minutes) you too can feel lighter, happier, less stressed and healthier. You can decide what area is most important for you to address in your session with John. Look at our session menu and choose which areas are appropriate for you? Sometimes we can address 3-5 imbalances in 1 – 30 minute session.

Does any of the following scenarios sounds familiar?

  • Chronic headaches, or other body pains that only go away with a pill or potion?
  • Have a gut feeling that events and experiences from your past are holding you hostage in the present.
  • Unexplained difficulties in your life, and relationships.
  • Have unexplained blocks to work or athletic performance?

“I have good news that you may find shocking”

The reason you are feeling this way may be because you have trapped negative emotions you experienced in the past, that are the root cause of these problems. These trapped emotions can cause body pain and other symptoms that go “unexplained.”

Even better news. I can find them and eliminate them on your behalf using the Emotion Code. This new healing program is so new you won’t find it in medical journals just yet, although magnetic healing is starting to see some medical documentation. This healing system is related.

If you don’t want to suffer anymore keep reading to find out more about this amazing healing method. 

Why is Energy Healing Popular?

Many people have physical and emotional pain and don’t know the source of the problem. Don’t worry, most of us do. It’s called emotional baggage. It’s well known that 99% of health conditions are caused by something called “trapped emotions” (old negative energies).

Let’s just say it’s a New way to get rid of old problems and patterns that are keeping your from feeling your best.

This extra emotional baggage is like carrying around extra weight. You may feel tired, achy or just plain listless. You may even feel depressed, anxious or have other health problems. Many people have Heart Walls. They are created by your subconscious mind. You may not even remember them.

4- 30minute sessions where we can work on a multitude of issues or Deep Dive into a major issue in your life (*sometimes these may require more than 1 session*).

4-30minute session at $400.00 CAD

This is where we can delve deeper into your issues and Includes a Heart Wall release as well as being able to balance other aspects of your physical or mental well-being.
1-45minute session at $130 CAD